Peer Pressure at it’s finest.

Yes, I understand that I’m 24 years old and not tied down with children or married yet, but I mean what is the big deal? The biggest question I always get is “When are you going to get married?” The stereotype is that 24-year-old females are married by my age and starting a family, but I have chosen a different path than some of those 24-year-old females.

However, with research that I’ve done it’s much more common for someone my age to have a child out-of-wedlock than it is for me to be married. I find neither appealing at the moment, but am glad that I’m not in the ‘trend’ of baby booming or tying the knot. Perhaps the most intriguing bit of information I found on the Washington Post’s site was that women who wait to get married tend to make more money. I now have a better come back to tell people who are trying to rush me off to get married so soon. Why should I rush off to get married to be supported by a man, when I can get the proper education to support myself first. Afterwards, I can decide when I’m good and ready to get married. I mean sure most of my friends are engaged and have children by now, but I’d rather be the fun aunt than a mom any time soon. The responsibility that comes with having a child or getting married is much more than I could possibly handle any time soon. I run a preschool classroom of twelve ten hours of the day and proceed to go home and do my full-time school work, so I choose my relaxing time very wisely.

Peer pressure to do something that you don’t want is very aggravating. Sure my peer pressure right now is to get married, but back in high school the pressure was on to have sex or do drugs and alcohol. I wasn’t the type of kid to run off to the parties, so since I chose to stay at home and do my studies and work on my education I was already deemed an outcast. Teenagers in today’s society have such a massive influence from the media in their lives. MTV runs ads all of the time to help bring up awareness of smoking and doing drugs. In addition, two of their shows try to help teenagers prevent themselves from getting pregnant by showing the bitter side of having a child.

After reading an article that the TIME wrote in January of 2014, the research has shown teen pregnancy has dropped significantly since the airing of the show Teen Mom. Some people argued that it was having a copycat effect on some teenagers, but still the numbers continued to drop. So the show is influencing teens to practice safe sex, so they don’t end up getting pregnant and making life choices for 2 people. Perhaps, the shows and ads are having a positive affect on teens. Even with the pressure around them, the choose smart choices because of the media they have been subjected to. I’d like to think that the numbers will continue to decrease and even more positive ads will come out to show teenagers that peer pressure is something you choose to break through not succumb to.


It’s not all rainbows and butterflies.

One of the major incidents that has happened recently and that I cannot stop thinking about is the video of a boy who is coming out to his parents that he is gay. I’ve only been able to make it through the entire video once because the hate that the parents are dishing out to him is unbearable.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time a boy or girl has came out to their parents, family or friends and have been discriminated against because of who they are. The boy in the video repeatedly says that it’s not his choice to be gay, but it’s because he was born that way. The mother even states in the beginning that she knew he was gay the day he was born, yet she contradicts herself by saying he chose to be that way.

In no way, should someone be discriminated against for who they are. Our society wants to pretend we are equal and that everyone has equal rights; however, once someone brings up something about race, religion or sexual preference every moral reasoning gets thrown out the window.

Some people pretend to be in this perfect little dollhouse setting. Everything in their lives is perfect compared to those around them, but when they close the curtains every single thing they’ve been hiding comes out in the open. These boys and girls have the strength to be who they really are and because of that people try to break them down. Just because someone is born a different way they shouldn’t be criticized. We can pretend that we have the perfect lives, but there will always be something in someone’s life that someone will find wrong. We can choose the path that we take in life, but sometimes there are things that we can’t choose. One of those things is who we find attractive or who we fall in love with. It is simple biology. Love is something to strive for it’s important to get past the hate.

However, love isn’t always rainbows and butterflies. Sometimes it’s about pride parades and picketing for equality, so you can marry the person you love just like those around you. Everyone deserves to be with their special someone no matter the gender.

Below, I have included the video of the son coming out to his parents. It’s not easy to watch, but it’s a prime example of the hate that’s thrown against people for being who they are.


Bullying is something that I’ve been at the receiving end of. Sometimes it was because of my height others it was because I was in the marching band and I was considered less popular than those around me, but even then I knew that I should let those things bother me. I was happy with the person that I was and with the person I was going to be. I didn’t want to let others bring me down, so I’m trying to help others realize that even if you get bullied or are bullying someone life goes on and you need to break through even if it doesn’t seem possible.

I had this huge post typed up in my previous blog draft, but when I went to enter it it said there was an error and that the post couldn’t be sent. On my attempts to go back to my hard work, there was no trace of the hours that I spent deliberating about what I should write. However, I realized this is exactly what it feels like to get bullied. No matter how much effort you put in and how much dedication you have there will always be something that can bring you down. Instead of panicking and wondering how I would ever get this post out in time, I calmly opened up a new post and began to type. You can’t let the little things get you because it will break you down and you won’t be able to succeed in what you want to do. Yes, people are bullying you, but in all reality something is wrong in their life to make them miserable and to put pain towards others. Break free of the pain you’re being inflicted and make something of yourself.

I’ll leave you with this thought. There’s always a copy and paste button in your life, but you also have a delete button too. Choose wisely.